Softball star honors legacy of 9/11 hero grandfather

Every time Keira Corrigan takes the field, the softball player gives it her all in honor of her late grandfather, Retired Captain James J. Corrigan. 

He had been a member of the FDNY for more than 25 years and at the time of the September 11 attacks, was a fire and safety director at the World Trade Center.

"I think of the person he was and what he did on 9/11 when he saved kids in the daycare," Keira told FOX 5 NY.

While Keira’s grandfather passed before she was born, stories about the person he was and the impact he left behind inspired her to use her leadership skills to teach younger generations to never forget.

Keira is one of three new student-athlete advocates serving as ambassadors for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. She’ll be at the Tower Climb next month to pay homage to her grandfather and those who perished and continue to fight 9/11-related illnesses every day.

Her father Brendan Corrigan will also be there. He followed in his father’s footsteps as one of the first to take the FDNY test after September 11 and was just promoted to battalion chief.

"My dad was my hero," Brendan said. "I wouldn’t be a fireman today if it wasn’t for him."

Captain James J. Corrigan left a lasting impact on many. Keira is pursuing a path in nursing because of him.

"Having him in the back of my head, it’ll make me a better nurse," she said.

Keira vows to remember the heroes who raced into the building to save lives when everyone else was running out.