Sober October at Hekate Café: A safe haven for sobriety, delicious mocktails

For those spending October sober Hekate Café is the place to be.

You’ve got a nice atmosphere, and a bartender serving almost every drink you can think of. 

Whichever drink you choose, Nette Moreno can serve it sober without the buzz.

 "We do a lot of Gin Fizzes. The jalapeño margarita, a really popular one. People are so grateful to have a place to come to where they don’t have to worry about picking up the wrong drink," said Nette Moreno, the bartender at Hekate Café. 


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The popularity of beverages without alcohol brews over the brim Especially in October.

Abby Ehman opened Hekate Cafe as a safe haven for sobriety.

"Giving up alcohol has a tremendous amount of benefits," said Michelle Sabourin.

She’s a life and recovery coach encouraged by the sober October trend.

I think people realize once they take a break, they say wow I really felt good during that month. Say they start with sober October and say I think I’m going to continue this trend or do it again. They feel better. They look better. They’re sleeping better," Sabourin told FOX 5.

 Places like Hekate make changing that lifestyle easier offering a massive mocktail menu even if just for a month.

 "It has become more of a movement over the last few years, and I’d like to say that it’s the best time in history to be sober because there are all of these products now," added Ehmann.