Snow, cold threaten New York's homeless

It's easy to complain on days like March 14 when it comes to snow and the cold. But people on the streets are impacted in ways most of us can't comprehend. If you spent anytime riding the subway Tuesday, you saw that it was filled with people down on their luck.

The National Weather Service was slightly off on what Mother Nature delivered this time. But some might say that inequality and homelessness are a little more predictable, and lessons are hard learned.

These are people. For days like these the city has what they call code blue protocols. Mayor Bill de Blasio acknowledged that the subways provide some protection from the cold but that the city wants to get the homeless into proper shelter. The city has a mix of shelters, drop-in centers, and outreach teams that hit the streets. If you see someone that needs help you can call 311. The city will try to get people some care. It's a surface-level treatment for a deeply rooted problem decades in the making.

Days like these serve as a glaring example of where we are with a homeless community hovering around 60,000. Just weeks ago the mayor announced plans for 90 new homeless shelters. The rollout will be slow but the need is now.