Snake inside pump surprises customer getting gas

We have all been warned to check for signs of skimmer devices at gas station pumps, but a Kansas woman was faced with a 'threat' of a different kind at the pump this week.

Holly Malkames was pumping gas when she saw something out of place in the digital screen on pump 6 at her local gas station. 

The body of a snake slithered in between the glass and a screen that read "Thank you for shopping with us today. ​​​​​​"

In a Facebook post, Malkames said, "Went to get gas and there was a snake INSIDE the pump! At one point it even dropped its head down where I could see it!" 

At first glance, the snake appears quite large. However, gas station attendants who opened the pump and retrieve the serpent provided Malkames with a photo showing it was quite small.

The snake appeared unharmed.

This story was reported from Tampa, Florida.