Smoking is now banned at public housing complexes

To enforce a new U.S. Housing and Urban Development rule that bans smoking in public housing, the New York City Housing Authority announced its comprehensive smoke-free policy.

As of Monday, smoking is not allowed inside NYCHA apartments, inside common areas, and within 25 feet of the buildings.

The new nationwide HUD rule's goal is to provide healthier homes to public housing residents.

Many residents told Fox 5 the rule is unfair.

"Sometimes you need a little bit of a push and that's what this will do," said Michael Davoli of the American Cancer Society. "It will make it a little bit harder for people to smoke and that push will push them to getting the help that they need."

The ban also means a healthier working environment for the people who work in public housing complexes.

New signs will be posted throughout all NYCHA properties to remind residents. But some residents told Fox 5 they haven't seen the signs yet.