Smelly water gushes from pipe in Penn Station

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(Jessica Formoso/Fox 5 News)

As bad as the commute through Penn Station in Manhattan is these days, it got even worse Wednesday when a ceiling pipe burst, dumping gallons of disgusting-smelling water on a Long Island Rail Road concourse and then down to a platform below.

Several commuters did what they do: record and post video to social media. The videos showed a shower of water falling on the floor, which was taped off so workers could deal with the mess.

"... pretty sure penn station is raining sewage rn," Kari Szul (@kariszul) tweeted.

"It's raining? It's pouring? Nope just a leak at Penn Station!" Marigo Mihalos (@MarigoPR) tweeted.

The MTA said the leak came from Two Penn Plaza, the office building above the station, and referred questions to management company Vornado.

"We apologize for the inconvenience caused by a leak from one of our building pipes," a spokesperson for Vornado said in a statement to Fox 5 News. "The situation is now under control, and we are working to clean and restore the affected area prior to this evening's rush hour."

Video from a Fox 5 News crew showed water found its way down to rail platforms, too. Crews taped off a wet staircase and part of a wet platform.

LIRR service was not affected.