Smartphone sales on the decline, study

Try to walk down one street in New York City without seeing someone with a phone in their hand. I bet you can’t do it. So this may be hard to believe— new stats suggest that the smartphone is on the decline. 

According to Taylor Lorenz, tech reporter for the Atlantic, the decline is real. It’s not because fewer people have smartphones, but because they’re buying them at a much slower rate.

"It’s on the decline because everyone has a smartphone. Once smartphones kind of reach saturation point, especially in the United States people don't always upgrade,” said Lorenz.

“Smartphones are also getting more expensive. The latest iPhone is over $1,000. People don't have that to spend every year like they used to.”

The statistics from New York Magazine show that the smartphone decline started 4 to 5 years ago.

Lorenz predicts the smartphone will continue to decline, especially as more people use what are referred to as ‘wearables’ to communicate, like smart watches and Bluetooth headphones.