Sleepy truck driver causes multi-vehicle crash, police say

A sleepy truck driver may have caused a multi-vehicle crash in England.

West Midland police released dashcam footage of a speeding truck slamming into cars on a highway in England. The incident occurred on March 15, but the driver was recently sentenced. Authorities say the truck driver, 47-year-old Mariusz Wlazlo, plowed his truck into two cars while doing at least 43 miles an hour. They believe he fell asleep at the wheel.

Dashcam footage from the truck and a vehicle further ahead, showed the moment when Wlazlo picked up speed and crashed into the cars. The impact sent the two vehicle spinning across the highway before all three came to a complete halt. The drivers of both cars had non-life threatening injuries. 

Wlazlo initially denied causing serious injury by dangerous driving, but later changed his pleas to guilty. He was sentenced to 16 months behind bars. Authorities said he has had no prior record of driving offenses.