Sleepy Hollow Halloween display hailed a sensation for Swifties

There’s no lack of Halloween spirit on Palmer Avenue in Sleepy Hollow… 

You’ve got your ghosts and goblins, but one display is stealing the show swiftly attracting neighbors and visitors.

"I think it’s very original. I think it’s really cute. This is a real graveyard," one neighbor said while passing. 

The neighborhood attraction on Denise Scaglione and her husband’s front lawn is a graveyard with a star at the center performing in front of what’s supposed to be her biggest fan.

Sleepy Hollow’s deputy mayor wanted to create a display her neighbors couldn’t shake off.

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You see what’s supposed to be Taylor Swift shimmering in silver, with a mic in her hand on stage and at her skeleton feet, Kansas City chief’s star tight end Travis Kelcee is seen kneeling. 

But what’s been making the Halloween prop pop are a few exes laid to rest. 

"I didn’t see the graveyard part. I’m like who are some of these people? And then I realized oh wait a second these are Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriends," one neighbor noted.

The homeowners chalked names like Calvin Harris, Taylor Lautner and Drew Dunlap among others on headstones. 

"We had some gravestones from previous decorations, and we’re like what are we going to do with these? And we’re like the old boyfriends," said Scaglione.


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The theme for this year's parade is "Upside Down/Inside OUT" to reflect New York City returning to normal after the 2020 pandemic.

"I think is great. There some of our good neighbors and good friends. It’s really nice seeing what they put together," another neighbor shared. 

It’s been the talk of Sleepy Hollow as neighbors have been stopping taking pictures and complimenting the detailed display all questioning one thing. 

The display will be coming down shortly after Halloween, but we’re sure these pictures and videos on social will be circulating for quite some time. 

The homeowner told FOX 5 if, by chance, Travis and Taylor sees their display, she hopes they know it’s just clean fun.