Single daughter's hilarious Christmas card goes viral

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Photo courtesy of Emily Seawright/Twitter

A California's woman's Twitter post has quickly gone viral after she shared her family's hilarious Christmas card.

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Emily Seawright's Twitter post has garnered more than 60,000 re-tweets since being shared at the end of last month. In the photo, Emily is standing next to her two sisters and her parents, each holding a sign.

The signs read, "Excited," "Engaged," "Expecting," and... "Emily." 

Emily said the "excited" couple is her parents, and they have lots to be excited about, including the engagement of Emily's sister. They are also excited for Emily's sister and brother-in-law, who are expecting their second child. 

"We were looking through other Christmas photos online to try and decide what we wanted to do this year, and we came across one similar to mine, but instead of saying Emily, it said Egg Salad," Emily told FOX 5's Katie Muse. "We all thought it was really funny and totally relatable to our family so we took that as our inspiration." 

Emily said her family was shocked by the amount of attention the photo received. 

"I was happy so many people could relate to it and make them feel better about not being the only single ones during this year's holiday season, and also happy to give people a good laugh!"