Singer shares #metoo allegations that opera star raped him

Samuel Schultz is a rising star in the opera world. He spoke to Fox 5 about what he wrote on his website—that he is the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a world-famous opera star.

"I had never heard of the word 'rape' being applied to a man in my entire life," Schultz told Fox 5. "Rape is exactly what it was. Abuse is exactly what it was. Misuse of power."

In an interview with the Daily News, Schultz, 32, alleges that opera star David Daniels, a man who has performed to packed houses around the world, raped him in Houston in 2010. He claims Daniels and his partner, Scott Walters, drugged him. He awoke the next morning scared, confused, and bleeding.

"When I discovered the aftermath of the traumatic experience that I went through, I didn't know initially what words to use," Schultz said. "I didn't know who to talk to, I didn't know how to articulate what it is that had happened."

It has taken nearly a decade for Schultz to share his story, which became public after he posted a statement on his site.

The University of Michigan, where Daniels is a music professor, discovered the post and alerted Houston Police.

Multiple investigations are now underway into Daniels and Walters, including at the Houston Opera, where Daniels has performed.

Schultz contends that he did not come forward sooner because of fear that his own career would be sidelined by such a gruesome claim.

"Part of the reason I've had so much fear about coming forward is that I thought it would be easier to shut me out and shut me up and silence me to protect the stardom, the status, the prestige of this world," Schultz said.

Schultz said he hopes that sharing his story will empower other men to come forward to share their #metoo stories and to remove the stigma associated with being labeled a rape victim.

As for his own pursuit of justice, he said that at this point he is not concerned about seeking a financial settlement form Daniels or Walters. 

"At this point, it is important for people to know what happened," he said. "And it is important to start having conversations about how to prevent this in the future."

The University of Michigan responded to a request for comment.

"Professor Daniels has agreed to take a leave of absence. We are aware of the allegations and are reviewing the situation," spokeswoman Kim Broekhuizen said in the statement. "At the University of Michigan, every report we receive, in whatever form, is taken seriously and is carefully reviewed for appropriate action."

Fox 5 requested comment from Daniels, by of his representation at IMG, but has not heard back.