Shop offers unlimited coffee for $25 per month

For the caffeine addicts in New York City, it's a dream come true at Fair Folks and a Goat coffee shop. For $25 you can drink unlimited coffee: espresso, cappuccino, latte, iced latte, iced coffee, and cold brew iced coffee -- whatever you want. The only rules: the coffee has to be just for you and you have to finish it before you order another.

The average American drinks more than 2 cups of coffee a day, according to Zagat's national coffee survey. The average price is $3.28 a cup. You do the math; it adds up fast.

More than a thousand people have signed up for the monthly membership at Fair Folks and a Goat. And some of those customers are buying more than just coffee. Everything inside this well-designed coffee shop -- from the furniture to the art to the clothes -- is for sale.

Fair Folks is aimed largely at millennials, whose tastes can change fast. So memberships at Fair Folks are month-to-month.