Shop makes home-style takeout meals for your family

Just about everyone has asked "What's for dinner?" at some point throughout the day. Long Island sisters Parrie Aanonsen and Irene Thebner have the answer.

Parrie, a loan administrator by trade and a chef at heart, used to cook for her coworkers.

"It started actually with two girls, I'd send out a text once or twice a week and say I'm making meatloaf who wants?" Aanonsen said. "They were so excited because dinner was done—didn't have to worry about it."

The concept took off. She left her job at the bank and recently opened What's for Dinnah? to feed the community the way she's always fed her family and friends.

"I actually said  'Are you sure this is what we want to do at this part of our lives?' And I said you know, dedicating 100 percent might be hard, this and that and she said 'Do whatever you want, no pressure, no nothing' so here I am, seems like I'm here every day!" Thebner said.

"My mom of course we learned all her recipes everything  from way back," Aanonsen said. "When my son started having issues I used to cook for therapy. It was my therapy."

Parrie's son Chris coined the name. He was supposed to be the face of the company but sadly he lost his battle to opioids earlier this year. They opened the takeout spot in his memory.

"It's my son's gift to me because when he left this is what's keeping me going," Aanonsen said.

And it is catching on in the community. Everything is prepped, cooked, and packaged daily.

So what's for dinnah tonight? Chicken fajitas. But it changes every day. How do they decide? It's whatever they want!

"The response has been overwhelming," Aanonsen said. "People love the concept, people love the food, people love the convenience - you pull up, run in, grab two meals, a family size meal and you have dinner."

At the end of the day, it boils down to love and laughter—ingredients for a successful business venture.

What's for Dinnah? | 291 Echo Ave., Sound Beach, N.Y. | 631-849-6711 |