Shocking video prompts dog trainer bill

Video described as disturbing, shocking, and sad is part of the reason why local lawmakers are now looking to pass legislation that would require dog trainers to be licensed in New York State.

The video that has been viewed over 100,000 times on social media allegedly shows Oceanside trainer Brian DeMartino of NYDogWorks poking a caged pit bull.

Gary Rogers with the Nassau County SPCA is investigating the case. He says dog training is an unregulated field where anyone can basically call themselves a professional. This would allow the state to monitor who gets licensed and also give them permission to privileges if there is abuse.

No one answered DeMartino's door. People we spoke with who left their dogs at his facility feel there should be qualifications and oversight.

The legislation will be reintroduced in the new session on Jan. 4. The Nassau SPCA is asking anyone to contact them if they believe their dog was abused at NYDogWorks.