Shared electric mopeds available in Brooklyn

A shared electric moped service is coming to Brooklyn. A company called Revel Transit has 68 electric mopeds now available in Bushwick, Greenpoint, and Williamsburg.

"We have bike share, we have car share, we have public transit but we do not have electric mopeds," Revel Transit cofounder Paul Suhey said. "We believe that is the missing link that the city needs."

After downloading the revel app, riders can rent one of the scooters for $4 for the first 20 minutes and 25 cents a minute after that.

"So it's simply another option for New Yorkers to go from Point A to Point B that's affordable, it's fun, it's easy to use," cofounder Frank Reig said. "You're not getting delay announcements and it's zero emissions."

Revel's e-mopeds are the latest offering for Brooklyn straphangers potentially impacted by the looming 15-month closure of the L subway line. Many of them are in areas represented by City Councilman Antonio Reynoso.

"I don't think people understand the magnitude of what's going to come after the L train shuts down and what we want to make sure we do is encourage as many options as possible," Reynoso said. "Throw something at the wall, see which stick, and then follow through—make sure we regulate it appropriately and encourage people to use the ones that work."

Reig suggested that L train riders will be able to use the mopeds to get to the J, M, Z trains or the East River ferry.

Anyone with a valid driver's license can rent the moped. A one-time fee of $25 covers the background check with DMV. The app is the only way to activate the vehicle for use. Each moped comes with a helmet, GPS tracking to deter theft, and liability insurance just in case.