Shaq surprises Jonesboro residents to help promote neighborhood safety

Shaquille O’Neal partnered with Ring to help spotlight neighborhood safety by surprising Jonesboro residents with doorbells and floodlight cams.

The Hall of Fame NBA player helped the Clayton County Sheriff's office with installing Ring devices on homes, and spreading awareness about neighborhood safety.

Ring launched a year-long campaign to donate $1 million of Ring security devices to neighborhoods across the country.

As a Deputy Officer, an involved community member, and a Ring customer, Shaq said he is excited to partner with Ring to make neighborhoods safer, starting in his own city.

"With Ring connected to your WiFi, and connected with your phone, you could be at the store, and as soon as the space gets activated, you ring the bell on your phone and say 'Hey what do you want" and it deters them," said Shaq.