Sexting scandal rocks Long Island

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Two teens have been arrested and 20 others suspended from school in a sexting scandal rocking Long Island. A 14-year-old boy had a sexual encounter with an underage girl while another 14-year-old boy filmed it, said police. The teens, both from the Smithtown School District, shared the video with others and were arrested last month. Both boys -- who haven't been identified -- are being charged with felonies.

Twenty students at Kings Park High School were suspended for having either received the video or disseminating it. Parents of the suspended children are outraged. They say their children cannot control what text messages are sent to them. Some parents said they would defy the suspensions and send their children to school.

Tenth grader A.J. Fenton walked into Kings Park High School Tuesday morning. But it wasn't long before he was escorted out by Suffolk County police. He said that was not fair because he can't control what is texted to him. His father, Andrew, says the reason is controversial: just for opening a text message.

The 10-second video shows an explicit sexual encounter with an underage girl that was taped off-campus.

The Smithtown Central School District superintendent posted a message on the website Tuesday saying "these allegations are a very serious legal matter that the district will not take lightly. We will be conducting our own investigation to further explore this incident."

As for AJ, his father says he sent his son to school because the district has no proof he even received the video. He and other parents are taking issue that the players on the football team who were also apparently sent the video weren't suspended.

Fox 5 reached out to the district and haven't heard back. Both parents have contacted attorneys but what they're really looking for are apologies.

School is closed Wednesday for Veterans Day.

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