Severely malnourished dog found all alone in Orange County

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A dog was found all alone and severely malnourished. Now, the police are looking for the dog's owner.

Malnourished, every bone sticks out of this dog's frail body. A bystander found Star next to some garbage on Monday. Star was immediately rushed to Orange County Animal Services. 

Star was born in December 2016 at the Animal Advocates Florida Rescue. Laura Brooks fostered her until she was old enough for a forever family. Laura says that "I thought I was sending her to wonderful, loving family. It seemed like the perfect family."

Picking Star up at the pound on Tuesday, Brooks was shocked and scared. "That was my biggest fear, is that she would die in my car between animal services and here," she said.

Brooks immediately brought her to Oviedo Veterinary Care and Emergency Vet Tech Tamara Marshall said that Star was starving, unable to stand, and suffering from sores, a serious heart murmur, and anemic. So everything -- her bones and her organs -- were at risk.

Both Marshall and Brooks have the same theory about how Star got this way. "I think that she was locked in a crate and given water and no food for who knows how many months until they couldn't take her any more. They didn't want her to die and dumped her somewhere so they didn't have to deal with the body." Animal services are now investigating that.

Two days at the vet and Star is gradually being reintroduced to food. Star is doing much better and is even standing. Despite what happened to her, Star is still very loving. 

A friend of the rescue donated this nice orthopedic dog bed for Star. They are still looking for donations to help her.