Video: Semi-truck driver slams into MSP trooper on I-94 in Southwest Michigan

A Michigan State Police trooper survived after a semi-truck slammed into a cruiser April 8.

Police said the trooper was on I-94 in Paw Paw when the truck hit their vehicle from behind. Dashcam video from the semi shows that the trooper was in the right lane with their lights on when they were hit from behind.

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The truck went off the left side off the road onto the median after the crash.

The trooper suffered non-life-threatening injuries, and the truck driver was arrested. 

The fact that the trooper lived was described by police as "nothing short of a miracle."

Police used crash as a reminder that Michigan has a "Move Over" law requiring drivers to move over for emergency vehicles. 

MSP released photos of both the cruiser and the semi truck, which showed severe damage to both vehicles.