Sebring boy who was stabbed receives warm welcome home

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Courtesy: Highlands County Sheriff's Office

An 11-year-old Sebring boy, who was stabbed on Halloween, received a warm welcome home.

Highlands County deputies said Zach was stabbed by a Colton Lee Driggers of Lake Placid, who was staying as a guest in the family’s home. Driggers became angry because Zach was talking in his sleep, and therefore, Driggers, who was staying as a guest, couldn’t sleep.

Zach was beaten and stabbed, deputies said. Driggers was arrested and charged with attempted first degree murder. Zach was in critical condition due to his stab wounds, but he has since made a recovery. His father told deputies he was nervous about returning home, so local agencies decided to make his return home less stressful.

In a Facebook video posted by the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office, a law enforcement and fire trucks were lined up along the road Zach lived on. When Zach exited his father’s car, he gave a quick wave to his audience. Deputies lined up to shake his hand, while a fire truck was blasting water. The EMS who treated him on Halloween were also there.

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In the social media post, the agency wrote, “We were so glad to be able to help welcome home a brave young man today.”