Search for woman who saved Clayton County deputy

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The deputy got into a bad wreck near Jonesboro High School and was left disoriented and helpless, even blacking out. But a woman came to his rescue, calling for help.

"The officer is down. The officer is down. It was a bad wreck," could be heard by dispatchers as the woman used the deputy’s radio to get him the life-saving help he urgently needed.

It happened the afternoon of May 18. Clayton County authorities said they want to find the woman who stepped in and saved Deputy Garlington.

"I just remember her saying 'I'm a nurse' and I just said 'Thank God' and she put a towel over my head and so I was very happy, very happy she was there," said Deputy Garlington.

“It's rare for someone to step to help an officer, so we just want to thank her for what she did because had it not been for her there probably would have been a delay in getting him help and I don't know how, the outcome would have been different,” said Cyndi Hankins, Clayton County 911 Senior Dispatcher.

Medics rushed him to Grady Memorial Hospital where he got over 30 stitches.

“When you have an arterial bleed, seconds count,” said Hankins

After months of recovery, the deputy has now returned to work. He stopped by the 911 center on Wednesday to thank the dispatchers for their help.

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