Search for suspect in violent Newnan kidnapping

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Newnan Police are searching for a man who kidnapped a woman from a car at a busy intersection this past weekend. They said he released her several hours later unharmed. But police said they will file serious charges against Jaterrio Brooks when they find him

“It was very violent scene. And 911 calls that came in were very excited saying this was very bad,” said Det. Mike Condit of the Newnan Police Department.

A police evidence photo shared with FOX 5 News show the car the victim was riding in on Saturday afternoon in Newnan with a smashed driver’s side window.  Police said Brooks did that with his fist.

Shocked motorists frantically called 911 as they reported seeing the woman dragged from the car kicking and screaming.

Police said Brooks and the 23-year-old woman have a young child together, a son, who was in the car at the time she was kidnaped.

“According to the witness statement he originally tried to get at the child first,” Brooks said. “When he couldn’t get the child, he went after the mother.”

Police called it an extreme case of domestic violence.  And experts say statistics in Georgia are heartbreaking.

“Last year in Georgia 149 individuals lost their lives to domestic violence,” said Melissa Sizemore of the Coweta County Domestic Violence Task Force. She said one in three women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. And one in five women will experience severe domestic violence in their lifetime.

Anyone with information that can help police find Jaterrio Brooks should call the Newnan Police department or 911.