Scientology opens new facility in East Harlem

Scientology has had its share of skeptics. But a new facility in New York City is welcoming anyone who is curious about the religion.

Scientologists say a device called an E-Meter helps to see a thought. Yes, a thought. It's a first step in a process known as Auditing. Livia -- a Fox 5 intern -- volunteered to give it a try. It starts with a little pinch. It is just one part of the teachings from this controversial organization.

The group known for its secrecy invited Fox 5's camera inside its new location in East Harlem, where Cleveland Polite is a minister. He said they want to be an "island of sanity for people."

The facility was in the works for more than a decade. It is broken up into two buildings, a community center and a church spanning some 66,000 square feet on 125th Street.

Scientology -- known for its ties to Hollywood and celebrity members like Tom Cruise and John Travolta -- has been accused of being a cult. In recent years, critics say new locations in urban areas  is a chance to recruit people less familiar with the negative headlines.

Polite says it's not the case.

As for Livia's test, the E-Meter didn't seem to pick-up any of her thoughts. Maybe they need more time together.