Schools helping other schools in New York

Public School 369 in the Bronx is a school filled promising young minds. It's a diverse learning environment with active parents. But the help isn't typically financial. As schools rely more and more on parent-teacher associations, or PTAs as they are often called, for things like books, technology and even the basics, the inequality gap is growing in many classrooms.

Ben Arthur and other parents at P.S. 87, a public school on the Upper West Side, with a PTA budget of about $1 million, started a campaign called School 2 School, using the fundraising platform Donors Choose. The goal is to help bridge the gap. Parents in Manhattan are sharing their resources. For example, investing in technology is important in economically depressed areas like the South Bronx.

Over the last two years, School 2 School has funded a number or projects at schools in the Bronx in Brooklyn. If you believe that public education should be a level playing field, the conscious and compassion of efforts like School 2 School are important strides to getting there.