Schools cancel trips to NYC amid terror threats

The holiday season in New York City is one of the most beautiful times of the year. But with a terrorist video showing images of Times Square, Penn State is now the latest school to cancel all non-academic class trips to Manhattan citing security concerns.

Plans to visit the city have already been abandoned by schools in New Jersey, Long Island and Maryland.

“I think it's excessive, I don't think it's necessary” one man told Fox 5 News.

As Penn State students and alums cheered on their alma mater at Midtown's "Proper West”, they also questioned their school's decision

“I think you can't live your life in fear; we're going to be under heightened threats for a long time to come” a student said.

And the head of the NYPD rode the 6 train Friday to show New Yorkers they shouldn't be afraid

“We are living in a very safe city, a very secure city, a very secure country” Commissioner Bill Bratton said.

In an effort to keep the city even safer, the NYP recently deployed a new squad called the Critical Response Command, whose main objectives are to prevent and respond to terror attacks.

Not all Penn State class trips have been canceled. Those deemed academic or service oriented can still continue, provided that a school employee is with the students at all times.