SCAM ALERT: You can't register to vote in New York by text

Be very clear about this: You can't register to vote in New York via text or over the phone. So if someone contacts you to do that, don't fall for the scam.

The governor's office issued a warning to voters about a scam targeting residents of Chemung and Steuben Counties, who reported getting texts and calls from a 607 number offering to register them to vote. The scammers are asking for residents to provide personal information.

Don't do it. Not in this scam, not any similar scam from callers and texters asking for your data.

(Another well-known scam involves live calls or robocalls claiming to be from the IRS and threatening to arrest you if you don't settle a tax bill immediately.)

"Elections are the foundation of our democracy, and scams like this not only compromise their security, but threaten the integrity of our elections altogether," Cuomo said in a news release. "I urge New Yorkers to remain vigilant and to report suspicious election activity immediately so action may be taken to hold those involved accountable."

Registering to vote in New York is harder than it should be because of antiquated laws. But it isn't that complicated. The deadline to register for the November 2018 election was Friday, October 12.

If you have a New York State-issued driver license, permit, or non-driver ID, you can register online (also, your current ZIP code must be on record at the DMV). If you have another form of ID, then you have to either register in person or sign the form and mail it in.