Sasha Obama working at a Martha's Vineyard restaurant

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle have tried to give their daughters a normal life, and it looks like they have accomplished it. Sasha Obama, 15, is spending four hours a day working at a seafood restaurant on Martha's Vineyard.

"Would you like a coke with that?" those may be some of the words Sasha is using these days. She is serving the public at Nancy's Restaurant.

The first daughter, who at work goes by her full name, Natasha, is working a cash register, bussing tables and doing prep work before the restaurant opens for lunch. The Boston Herald published photos of Sasha on the job.

Nava Silton, associate professor of psychology at Marymount Manhattan College, says this job is boosting Sasha's self-confidence and teaching her the value of a dollar.

Many people we spoke to are taking their hats off for the first lady and the president.

The restaurant is reportedly a go-to spot for the Obamas during their annual getaway to the vineyard. It pays summer employees between $12 and $15 an hour.

The rest of the Obamas will arrive to the vineyard this weekend to kick off their vacation. There is talk that will be the end of Sasha's summer gig.

Sasha doesn't show up to work alone. She has secret service agents with her at all times.