Sanctuary helps older dogs live with love and dignity

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Marty's Place in Upper Freehold, N.J., is a sanctuary for senior dogs. The average age of dogs here is about 13. Nearly every dog is battling either chronic disease or debilitating ailments.

"We have had several cancer diagnoses. We also have dogs that have thyroid conditions, that are on thyroid medications," Executive Director Doreen Jakubcak said. "We certainly have dogs that have joint disease arthritic issues."

Opened in 2015, Marty's Place is far from a shelter. There are no cages, but rather sofas and armchairs to give the dogs a sense of dignity.

Many of the dogs come from homes where the combination of old age and illness has proven to be too much. Still, some have found new families ready to take on what can be a tough challenge.

And should that not be the case for these seniors, no worries. They are literally right at home here—happy and resting.