Samuel Adams unveils new beer so strong, it’s illegal in 15 states

Samuel Adams will start selling a new beer that’s not just strong, it says the beer is actually illegal in 15 states because of its high alcohol content!

The Boston-based company has announced the launch of its Utopia Beer, which has a whopping 28 percent alcohol by volume(ABV).

For comparison, Samuel Adams Boston Lager has just 5 percent ABV and the average glass of wine has 11.6 percent.  Liquor can range from 15 to 50 percent ABV.

The company says the high alcohol content comes from the beer’s long aging process.

The Sam Adams Utopia Beer will be officially available on October 15 while supplies last and will cost a whopping $210 for a 25.4 oz. bottle.

The beer is legal in New York and New Jersey but will not be sold in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, Vermont and West Virginia.