Sales of 'Booby Trap Bra' for runners spike

The death of a Queens jogger has sparked safety concerns in Howard Beach and around the city. Karina Vetrano was killed on an evening run in a park. Since then, sales of something called a Booby Trap Bra have soared.

The sports bra has a pocket in the middle that can hold an item for self-defense, such as a small knife or a pepper spray container.

The Texas company that created the bra said sales to New York have spiked 200 percent in recent days.

"My phone started ringing with local mothers, parents, saying, 'I'm buying this for my daughter, can you ship it today' so there is like this urgency," Booby Trap Bra designer Jennifer Cutrona says.

Cutrona says she designed the bra last year after she escaped an attacker while she was jogging.

But some self-defense experts warn that carrying a knife or some other weapon can be risky because an attacker could take it away from you and then harm you with it.