Sad photo shows NJ dog waiting for dead owner to come home

This might be one of the most heartbreaking photos ever taken.

An animal rescue in Northern New Jersey posted the photo of a dog sitting by his owner’s empty bed. Moose, a 3-year-old Lab mix, was apparently unaware that his owner had recently passed away and was waiting for him to return.

The tear-jerking photo was uploaded to Facebook by NorthStar Pet Rescue in Boonton, N.J. The nonprofit organization is working with Eleventh Hour Rescue in Randolph, N.J, to find Moose a new home. Since it was posted, the photo has been shared thousands of times.

One Facebook, NorthStar posted, “Moose sat patiently next to his dad's hospital bed, waiting for him to return, not knowing that ‘Dad’ had passed away. Moose has now been returned to our friends at Eleventh Hour Rescue and he's taking the loss of his dad pretty hard. Please help Moose find a new home and a family for him to love.

“He’s a sweet happy boy by nature,” the post continued. “He just needs people to help his heart heal.”

Several days later, the post was updated, saying, “Thanks to the power of social media, Moose has received several applications & we are hopeful he will find a forever home soon! Thank you for caring & sharing everyone!”

NorthStar told Fox News, “Moose is a dog under the care of Eleventh Hour Rescue in Randolph NJ USA. Animal rescues often work cooperatively to help find homes for dogs in need and NorthStar Pet Rescue has a long and special relationship with Eleventh Hour Rescue. We shared his story and photo in hopes of finding a local foster or adopter for him. Due to the power of social media, his story and has now gone global.

“Since his story has been shared widely, we understand that he has many, many people that want to adopt him and I’m sure he’ll be in a new home soon.”

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