Roswell firefighters rescue baby from hot car

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Roswell firefighters to the rescue Monday afternoon after a mom accidentally locked her three-month-old baby inside her car.

"It's a frightening experience to know your child is right there, but you can't reach them," Roswell Fire Department Lieutenant Chris Cooper said.

The gut wrenching and helpless feeling for the mom intensified by the hot temperatures outside.

"It was 80 degrees outside that means it can quickly get to be more than 100 degrees inside the vehicle," Cooper said.

The mom called 911 and firefighters responded within four minutes.

"An infant locked in a car on a day like today, that's an emergency run for us," Cooper said. "The child deserves no less."

Firefighters Dennis O' Brian and Brandon Smith pried open the car and got the baby out.

"The child was warm and sweaty, but is okay," Cooper said.

Cooper told FOX 5 instances like Mondays happen more often than not and encourage anyone who may be in this situation to call 911.

"Don't be embarrassed, just call us," Cooper said.