Ron Clark Academy cadet goes from viral video to acclaimed alumni

The young Ron Clark Academy cadet who went viral celebrating the announcement his class would go see "Black Panther" now has another reason to celebrate. 

In 2018, Jaycob Linsey went viral for his dance on a chair after being told they would go see the Marvel movie, which had been released that same month. That video garnered more than 10 million views after it was posted to Facebook. 

Many of his former Ron Clark classmates were on hand, cheering him on, as he crossed the stage this week and was handed his diploma from Therrell High School. A photo posted to the Ron Clark Academy page shows Linsey posing in his cap and gown holding his diploma minutes after receiving it. The same bright smile was on his face.

Linsey has one more thing to be excited about. He will be attending Alabama A&M University in the fall. 

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What is Ron Clark Academy? 

Ron Clark Academy shines as a beacon of educational innovation and inspiration in Atlanta. It was conceived by its co-founder, Ron Clark, an educator with a mission to transform classrooms, the Academy was born out of a vision to create a model school that encourages academic rigor and nurtures a dynamic learning environment. Since its inception in 2007, RCA has not only impacted students within its walls but also educators across the globe. 

The Academy’s reputation is not solely built upon its exceptional academic curriculum that focuses on a well-rounded education but also on its unique teaching methodology. The Ron Clark Academy employs a creative and energetic approach to learning, where teachers are empowered to utilize unconventional instructional methods that engage and inspire students. This includes incorporating music, dance, and art into lessons, which has been shown to increase student participation and retention of information. 

A distinguishing hallmark of the Ron Clark Academy is its emphasis on global citizenship. Students at RCA are cultivated to become responsible, compassionate, and internationally minded individuals. 

Taking the class to see the highly anticipated superhero film was not just for fun. The school used it as a teaching moment for culture and history.