'Rock Star Pastor' Carl Lentz growing in popularity

He's known as the "Rock Star Pastor" and he's revolutionizing the way some people look at religion.
Pastor Carl Lentz is gaining popularity as the lead pastor at Hillsong Church in New York City for his unconventional method of preaching..

“I think people are interested in something deeper; that's our whole point” Lentz said. “I think Twitter and Facebook is funny because I always tell people Twitter is not who you are, it's who you want people to think you are. So, if everything in our social media platform revolves around our image we can actually use that to prove there needs to be something deeper.”

Lentz says the number one Google question is, 'why am I still here?' 

“So we just try to use our message to get people to think not necessarily to get you to believe what we believe but at least think about what do you mean spiritual? Our goal is to get people to think it through” Lentz said.

“Everybody needs this. There's not a person on earth, there's not a person watching this piece who won't want to figure out why you're here. So for me reality TV has been an awesome way for us to expose how shallow this life can be....a lot of people are hurting.”

Hillsong even has a celebrity following. Pop star Justin Bieber credits Pastor Carl for helping him find his spiritual path but the pastor is quick to not take the credit.

“If you take the credit, you gotta take the blame so Justin is his own man” Lentz said.

“For us, what we're trying to do with young people is the same thing we're trying to do for all people answer these questions.”