REVIEW: "Tomorrowland"

George Clooney is back on the big screen starring in Disney's "Tomorrowland," which imagines a hidden oasis where our boldest and brightest dreamers go to accomplish the impossible without earthly greed or corruption holding them back. 

Unfortunately the deeper we delve into "Tomorrowland"'s ambitious premise, we're left with more questions than answers.

Up-and-coming actress Britt Robertson plays a remarkable young girl who taps into Tomorrowland but she'll need the help of Clooney's character to get there.

Clooney told Fox that the movie originated from the futuristic Tomorrowland section in Disney theme parks and is a testament to Walt Disney's childlike imagination.

"Walt really lived for that -- he built the Epcot Center afterwards to do," Clooney said. "And Tomorrowland, the actual Tomorrowland in this film, is closer to what the Epcot Center was in a way, and what he wanted -- which was sort of to build this idea of a world that kind of works out, and it's all free of all these other issues which we find out doesn't necessarily work."

Our world is in desperate need of big ideas. But this loses its focus -- and ours. It feels like a long, expensive version of those short movies you see while you're waiting in line for a Disney ride. But sadly this attraction never gets off the ground.

"Tomorrowland" is rated PG.