Restaurant gives 'good children' discount

Going out to dinner with a group of children isn't easy so one Italian restaurateur is making sure good behavior doesn't go unrewarded.

Antonio Ferrari, who owns a restaurant that bears his name in Padua, Northern Italy, was so enamored by a recent group of well-behaved kids that he decided to give their parents money off their meal.

He decided to discount the group—made up of four adults and six children—because “Italian kids are misbehaved," he told "The kids run around and disturb the waiters.”

But this time, the children obediently sat in their seats and quietly enjoyed their food.

There were “zero noises, zero runs between the tables, zero overturned chairs, no sign of a break-in bathrooms or other catastrophes," he explained on his website.

When he gave them their receipt, it had an extra line that read: "Sconto Bimbi Educati" or "Discount for Well-Behaved Children." The five percent discount took €13.05 off their bill, which is just under $14.

He said the adults, who had never eaten at the restaurant before, were “very humble, very excited, and very thankful."

“This is the first time I have done this,” he said. “I wanted to thank the family for the well-behaved kids.”

Ferrari, who has owned the restaurant for 12 years, posted the receipt on Facebook where it caught the attention of news outlets around the world.

Ferrari plans on giving the discount again “if another family comes in with good kids.”

“I am surprised by the attention but I hope it makes the parents teach their kids better manners,” he told