Rescue dog stars in play at Radnor High School

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The production of the Wizard of Oz at Radnor High included a 4-legged star with a dramatic backstory. 

It was opening night Thursday and out in the lobby the star of the show was soaking it all in.

 "This is her debut performance," said Laura Harrington with the Providence Animal Shelter.

Sophia is a 4-month-old terrier mix who back in January was roaming the streets in Puerto Rico. A shelter there took her in and she wound up, thanks to Delaware County's Providence Animal Center,  being adopted by a family from Tredyffrin and loaned out to the Wizard of Oz.

Much of Sophia or Toto's time on stage was spent being carried around. But with all of the distractions of musical theater it's not an easy role for an animal. Laura Harrington is her 'acting coach.'

How about Sophia's fellow thespians? A pair of Radnor High seniors split the role of Dorothy and shared the stage with this cute little scene stealer.

Sophia's big moment called for her to run to Dorothy from off stage after escaping from Miss Gulch. She nailed it!

From the streets of Puerto Rico to live theater on the Main Line.