Republican wins are wake up call for Democrats across nation

President Joe Biden reacting to Democrats losing key races saying: "People want us to get things done."    

He is again urging Democrats in Congress to pass his infrastructure and social spending package.   It's something still dividing moderate and progressives in his party. 

"I think we just have to produce results," said Biden.

"They are going to have to pass legislation and people are going to have to feel positive," said David Birdsell, a political analyst and provost at Kean University. "And people are going to have to feel positive results from that legislation or we are going to be having this same conversation in 2022." 

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A major blow for Democrats coming after Terry McAuliffe, a veteran of the party, lost Virginia's high-stakes gubernatorial race to Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin. 

The tight race for governor in New Jersey also coming as a surprise to many Democrats. "People are holding Democratic governors accountable for the frustrations of COVID-19 and all of the masking protocols, the vaccination requirements," said Birdsell.

Republicans also defeating Democrats in district attorney races in Nassau and Suffolk counties. 

"The prices are high," said Basil Smikle, distinguished lecturer and director of the public policy program at Hunter College. "People are paying a lot of money, very anxious about their economic future and don't necessarily see the job market catching up. And so that fear that concern around what's going to happen next had an impact on their vote last night."