Report: ISIS recruiting in United States

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A new report said New York is a prime recruiting ground for ISIS. The study comes as the U.S. and allies increase attacks against the terror group.

Newly declassified video by the Department of Defense shows U.S. forces bombing ISIS targets in Syria. Meantime, British Prime Minister David Cameron pleaded with lawmakers to endorse aerial attacks against ISIS in Syria. His request launched a contentious 10-hour debate.

The battle against ISIS is also being waged on U.S. soil. This year alone, American authorities have arrested nearly five dozen people in the United States for helping support or plot with ISIS, according to a new study conducted by researchers at George Washington University. The study found that the vast majority of those arrested were American citizens or permanent residents, many of whom lived in New York. One of terror group's sharpest tools for recruitment is social media.

A researcher said that approximately 1,000 people in the U.S. are currently under observation by the FBI for having suspected ties to ISIS. He said most of these people tend to work alone or associate with very few people making law enforcement's job to root out terrorism all the more difficult.