Rep. Conyers announces retirement from Congress; endorses son to replace him

Rep. John Conyers announced Tuesday on a Detroit radio talk show that he is retiring from Congress, effective today. In his interview, he also endorsed his son to replace him. 

Conyers called in to The Mildred Gaddis Show Tuesday morning from his hospital room with his attorney by his side. Conyers, 88, was hospitalized last week for a stress-related illness after returning home from Washington, D.C.

Conyers told Mildred Gaddis he's confident in his legacy, despite multiple sexual harassment claims against him, and that his legacy will continue through his children. 

The House Ethics Committee is investigating allegations of harassment and inappropriate touching by women who once worked for Conyers, including claims by Marion Brown who could testify later this week before the committee.

Woman says Rep. Conyers groped her while they were in church

Just late last night, another woman who says she worked for Conyers also came forward to say the congressman groped her while they were in church. You can read more about that here

Conyers first was elected to the U.S. House in 1964. He is married to Monica Conyers who pleaded guilty in 2009 to conspiracy to commit bribery as a member of the Detroit City Council.

John Conyers has stepped aside as the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee. The committee's website lists Conyers still as a member.