Renting out your car while you catch a flight

Instead of paying for parking your car at an airport while you are away, a company is now paying you for leaving your car in their lot. All you have to do is allow them to rent it to someone. It's all about paying less and making more. That's the idea the president and CEO of FlightCar had when he launched backed in 2013.

This is how it works. Travelers list their vehicle with FlightCar, drop it off at one of the lots near an airport, and another traveler rents the car while the owner is away. When the car owner returns, they get their car back. Days later, they receive a check in the mail. If the car isn't rented, the owner still gets free parking.

FlightCar operates in 17 airports, including Newark Liberty Aiport, where the service opened about 4 weeks ago.

CEO Rujul Zaparde says the concept is the same as AirBNB. People share homes, so why not vehicles?

Every rental is insured up to $1 million and every renter is pre-screened, according to