Rent a Maserati, Bentley or Tesla for a day or more

Drive one of the hottest rides of 2018 without the high-end car payments. Luxury loaners are available by the day at the new Enterprise Exotic Car Collection on Northern Boulevard in Great Neck, Long Island.

Paul Metz, group exotics manager, pulled a few of their cars for me to try: the Mercedes G550, the Jaguar F-Pace, and the Tesla X. Paul says the Exotic Car Collection is a great opportunity to rent an exotic sports car, luxury sedan, or luxury SUV from manufacturers from all over the world, including Porsche, Maserati, Bentley, and Tesla.

Enterprise opened the Exotic Car Collection on Long Island in mid-December. It is one of more than 50 locations around the United States.

Rentals start at $250 a day. Enterprise will drop the car in your driveway and won't leave until you know how it works, which is especially helpful with a Tesla.

While the white-glove service is a little different than the traditional Enterprise rental experience, Paul says, the process is the same. You need a valid driver's license and a major credit card. You need to be 25 or older and have insurance that transfers over.

Enterprise started its Exotic Car Collection in 2006. Coming to New York was a no-brainer. Paul calls it a perfect area, servicing not only Northern Boulevard, but also New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and even Vermont.

Whether you're looking to impress, entertain, or take an extended test drive, just reserve two days in advance and rent by the day, week, or month. Paul says this is a very seasonal business, so in the middle of the winter it is stocked up on luxury SUVs. As springtime comes, the lot will be full of convertibles.