Recovering social skills as COVID pandemic winds down

After over a year of living under COVID restrictions, reactivating your social skills as the nation reopens may be a little bit awkward.

Psychologists say that the thought of socializing or meeting people is beginning to not even occur to those who’ve been working or having virtual meetings at home.

"I would say that this is going to be something that for some people is going to require a little bit of thought and perhaps gradual re-entry," said Dr. Jeph Zoom.

Experts the apprehension of in-person socialization could be around for a while and that we have to be patient with the different comfort levels of others.

The biggest challenge in 2021 is patience. Then come 2022, with hopefully most people vaccinated, in-person events may make a comeback and virtual meetings could be phased out. But, maybe not completely with some employers allowing employees to work from home indefinitely.

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