Rats overrunning Brooklyn neighborhood

Giant rats have been plaguing the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn for months and residents on St. John's Place says the problem has gotten so bad that they're now seeing the rodents in the middle of the day.  They say that the building superintendents slowly losing control.

One tenant said, "I see the little guys, sometimes bigger guys, running over the top of my feet."

Carol Morrison lives on Lincoln Place, not far from St. John's.

She's been heading the Prospect Heights Rat Infestation Task Force since May but Morrison says not enough has been done.

She's now asking for her 11238 Prospect Heights zip code to be part of the mayor's Rat Reduction Plan.

"I think that it's really important for our public officials to determine which localities are in massive trouble," said Morrison.

The Department of Housing says that could happen, but officials are not sure when it would happen.

That leaves part of this Brooklyn borough bustling with a certain type of nightcrawler, not welcomed in this community.

The Prospect Heights Rat Task Force will be putting up flyers in the coming days asking residents who see rats call 311 twice and speak to both the Department of Health and the Department of Sanitation.

Their next meeting to continue their mounting pressure against the city is set for September 26th.