Rat sightings could rise amid coronavirus outbreak, experts say

A disgusting ripple effect we could see as the coronavirus spreads across the United States -- an increase in rat sightings.

CORONAVIRUS RESOURCES: Everything You Need to Know

According to an article on NationalGeographic.com, the absence of humans amid the struggle to control the proliferation of COVID-19 may bring more rodents out of hiding.

Consultant Robert Corrigan says as rats lose their traditional food sources -- litter, restaurant dumpsters, park trash cans -- they’ll look for opportunities elsewhere. Some, he says, will kill and eat other rats. Others, will look for new food sources.


Rats can carry disease, Corrigan says, although there is no evidence they can carry the coronavirus.

Corrigan says ensure your trashcans have tight fitting lids and make sure all doors and other opening are tightly sealed.