Rash of break-ins at Manhattan restaurants

Business owners on the Upper West side are reacting after a rash of burglaries on Sunday and Monday.

At Blossom, a vegan restaurant located at 507 Columbus Avenue, surveillance video caught a burglar breaking in overnight.

General Manager, Kiley Etling told FOX 5 News that she gave the video to the NYPD.

"Basically he took one of our outdoor metal chairs and smashed it through the window," Etling said.

Interestingly, the thief only took three bottles of champagne and a keychain from that restaurant, according to Etling, even though cash was there for the taking.

A total of seven restaurants were reportedly burglarized in the area.

Gazala Halavi owns Middle Eastern cuisine restaurant Gazala’s.

"I don’t feel safe anymore," Halavi said after the business was damaged and $600 was reportedly taken from the business.