Rare 10-foot squid washes up on Oregon beach

An extremely rare robust clubhook squid washed up on an Oregon beach last month, giving scientists a unique opportunity to study the mysterious deep sea creature.

The 8-legged squid, which measured 10 feet long and weighed roughly 90 pounds, was already dead when beachgoers discovered it near Silver Point — just south of Cannon Beach, according to the Seaside Aquarium.

"It had been dead for a little while and some scavenging had occurred but all in all it was in pretty good shape," the aquarium wrote in a July 28 Facebook post, which has received hundreds of reactions.

Researchers from the Seaside Aquarium snapped photos of the large squid, which they will dissect and examine in hopes of learning more about its habits. Specifically, researchers focused on the squid's beak, which remained intact.

"Little is [known] about the life history of these amazing giants, so we were very exited to be able to get a closer look," the aquarium explained.