Rapper Troy Ave sues Irving Plaza

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Artist Troy Ave, who faces some heavy charges of his own, went on the attack Monday, essentially saying he is in trouble because Irving Plaza didn't do their job.

Flanked by his lawyers, Brooklyn-based Troy Ave nursed a gunshot wound, rolled up on crutches and announced he is suing the owners of Irving Plaza.

Troy Ave, whose real name is Roland Collins, has kept a low profile since this T.I. concert on May 25 when gunplay broke out behind stage of the club. Collins was injured. His bodyguard and friend Ronald McPhatter was killed.

Lawyer Scott Leemon jockeyed for control of the press conference Monday and said poor security was to blame for what happened. Leemon says Collins was at the club as a special guest to perform that night.

But a video shows Collins shooting. He is been charged with attempted murder and weapons charges. He is out on bail.

Allegedly, security guards for the club, owned by Live Nation, did not pat down guests that entered through the side VIP entrance, Collins included.

Essentially what Troy Ave's team is saying is that despite the video, Troy Ave did not bring a gun into the club that night. And they contend if security would have been tighter they could have prevented the whole incident.

No trial date has been set yet for Troy. The next court date is September.