Rapper Kidd Creole arraigned on murder charges

No bail for a founding member of Grandmaster Flash who is accused of murder.

Nathaniel Glover, who is known as Kidd Creole member of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, appeared in court Thursday.

In one end, one man is dead- and the other, someone who was once considered a pioneer in the music industry is fighting second degree murder charges.

Nathanial Glover was arraigned in Lower Manhattan Thursday afternoon.

After being arrested in the Bronx on Wednesday night and charged with murdering 55-year-old John Jolly.

Kidd Creole was on his way to work Wednesday when investigators said he stabbed Jolly.

Creole perceived the victim’s comments to be both sexual and threatening. That's when the assistant DA said he pulled out a steak knife and stabbed Jolly, a homeless man, 3 times.

“Mr. Glover was walking from Grand Central to his job on East 43rd as he was walking by John Jolly. Words were exchanged. Mr. Glover continued to walk and further words were exchanged. Mr. Glover turned around and began speaking to him from a distance. Mr. Jolly then approached him. At this point, Mr. Glover retrieved a knife out of his left sleeve, held it in his hand and as the argument ensued after that, stabbed him twice in the chest," said Chief Robert Boyce.

Later on he gave us a narrative where he admitted to that crime.

Glover will be remanded until August 8th.