Rally demands justice for Jarrell Garris

In White Plains Thursday night, dozens held signs and called on the New York state Attorney General to take action and remove all three New Rochelle police officers involved in the shooting death of 37-year-old Jarrell Garris. 

Currently, the department has put the three officers on administrative leave. 

Garris, who dealt with mental health issues, was shot by New Rochelle Detective Steven Conn on July 3 after he was accused of stealing fruit from a local supermarket. The 37-year-old died a week later. His death was ruled a homicide.

Another 4 minutes of bodycam footage of Garris' shooting was released by the Attorney General this week. In the video, you can see more of a struggle between responding officers and Garris before Detective Conn fires one shot.

The Westchester Coalition for Police Reform sponsored the rally in the hopes of showing the public that despite this shooting happening nearly a month ago, there will be no backing down until Jarell Garris’ family gets some type of closure. 

"What really got me is the word murder. To know that your family member was murdered. That didn’t have to happen" said Pat Fowler-Bennett, Jarrell Garris’ aunt.

The Attorney General still says the investigation into Jarell Garris’ death is ongoing, but the family is still demanding the full 20-minute video be released.

Jarrell Garris' funeral is set for Saturday morning in New Rochelle.